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My list of peeves that I have been collecting since I haven't been on.....

I haven't been on in about a week, now. I have been here, there, and over there, and look what I missed!

My Pet Peeves for the week

1. I bought an "In home" warranty so that if anything happens to my PC they have to come to my house. Well my computer crashed AGAIN and once again I had to take into the damn store.

I'm on a roll, look at this...

I'll post the link in the first comment, cuz that's where I know it'll work to click it!!

here you go

Here is my list of peeves from the last two weeks:

how sick is our world when...

there is a website set up for CHEATERS!!


Is this annoying? Yes.


I try not to be too mean when it comes too how people talk, and the way they get their points across.

What is it with me and weirdos


I swear, I must have a "werido-magnet" implanted in me that I don't know about... except that now I'm suspicious of it!

So I knew this guy YEARS ago, was friends with two guys that were friends.

I got worried for Slappy when I saw this...

but then I read the article BUT it IS still sad for those involved, and from a domestic disturbance no less, such stupidity!


Stupid Parents

In addition to my regular job as a classroom assistant, I was recently asked to do another job.  It seems there is a little boy in kindergarten, who is so BAD that they will not allow him to ride the

I took a Shower in my Clothes...


Now I might not be the brightest or sharpest crayon in the box, but some people should be forced to wear a sign that says: "Beware I Do and Say Dumb Things".

talk about stupid!!!

read the story of the lady in the article!!
the article is about bank errors in YOUR favor, but read about the lady!!!

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