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Stupid jerk driver on I4 today!!!

I had to go to Orlando today, it's about an hour to get there and I have to take the interstate. I was in the left lane....cruising along with traffic at about 80 mph.

can't totally blame the daycare for this

as much as they were wrong for what they did, the MOTHER WAS LATE!!!

I hate when people...

as they're getting on the interstate, ride the merging lane all the way to the end without getting over, and somehow think they they can "MAGICALLY OR AUTOMATICALLY&q



Is that plain enough for ya??

Stupid Receptionist

So we used to have this sweet girl as a receptionist. Every morning when you came in she said "Good Morning".

just got this in an email...

> This is something you may want to take note of:

Such a Biotch

Enter husband's ex-wife:

DO NOT call me!!

see link in my first comment!

I'm all for teaching the kids BUT...

even THIS was a bit much for me to handle, MUCH LESS some 5yr olds!!!!

see link in 1st comment! 

*suggestion-racism should also be a category* 

Now I'm mad

So for lunch I went to a little sandwich shop. Parking was pretty full, so I parked at the edge of the building next door. I knew I would be there maybe 10 mins at the most.

Halo 3

It has begun. My dear dear "better" half is driving me crazy. The only thing that he has done since the release of Halo 3, is play Halo 3 and go to work.

it never ends...these types of stories...

see the link in comments...

this is some bs

Ok now i have been waiting for three days to find out if I broke my foot when I tripped over a baby gate on saturday.  It is still dark purple and hurts and I can't move the little toe still.



my peeve today is pretty simple.  Ppl who feel the need to let us know there upset by typing grrr.  What the hell is that?  all of a sudden ppl are animals?  Seriously, is that

Chuchi Face

Let me explain....

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