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I am going to teach my kids to box

While my kids are no angel, I employ good (I am using the word) "old fashioned" ass whipping to keep them in line. I know most of my posts are about crappy parents, BUT DAMN!

Excuse me, You have my red stapler.

So yeah, I had an account here, and posted a few times on the old site. I just got bored tonight to check back in and such.

what is with these people, friggin pyromaniacs

I wondered about those fires, now I see...


A New Cell Phone Low

I went to a haunted house and hayride tonight, I would have enjoyed myself except for some cheap tart who talked on the cell phone the whole damn time on the hayride.


in austin, 2-3 people did a smash and grab at a new louis vitton (sp) store. they loaded a trash can with bags, and got away with OVER 18k worth of stuff. They can make a KILLING on ebay!


Sike! Remember that phrase?? How about "NOT!" Hello 80's!


I wanted to get a debate going, so I can sit back and relax..and see what was said!

you are SO NOT gonna believe this...

remember the I-pod incident where my daughter left it in her pocket and it got washed?

Mandy's new list...

It has been a while since I posted a current list of my peeves, but there are some repeates from last time.


I have an HD TV and I bought, what I thought, was an HD DVD player about a year ago.

My rant: TGIX


I hate how he comes in, doesn't comprehend what was said, and still thinks he knows what the problem is and how to handle it.

See my previous post about the OLD FRIEND from PA.

No really, was someone looking to PAY for their wedding?

No, read this story and tell me what YOU think!!!!

That guy back home


So I thought I was done dealing with this guy back in PA that wanted me to drop my entire life and move back with him. Nope, I was wrong.

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