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Loud Motorcycles

Can someone please educate me on why some motorcycle riders have to have such loud engines that they set off car alarms when they drive down the street?  Does the vibration of such a loud engine

awwww, man!!!

I'M MAD!!!!! see why...

Call Center Peeves

This has been posted before but I NEED to vent...I can't stand people who will not listen!

Do you have to fail an IQ test to work at Walmart?


My husband is an avid Xbox 360 gamer. He knows the realease date of ANY games he wants to play.

my crazy day

Yesterday I had the WEIRDEST day! bear with me, it may get a little long! LOL!


November 2, 2007)--A police investigator says a car owned by a Nebraska middle school teacher has crossed the Calif

These people make me sick!

What's sad is that this soldier gave his life defending these assholes right to be assholes!!!

Our 2nd beloved mascost for Peeves

I just read on the news ticker that our beloved 2nd pet peeves mascot, our Alaskan Elephant Maggie, is being airlifted by our serviceman to California right now.

Hello, I am retarded

So do you remember when I told you about my lab the lady said was a pit bull and bit her? Yeah, well I couldn't find his shot record, and they wrote me a ticket, right?

LOL, saw this and had to post it

we've talked about him and I even used his phrase a few times, LOL!

How do you know where I am from?


I have been getting spam in my email about "Cheaper insurance in Texas". How do the spammers know I live in Texas, when my att email account says WE DON'T SELL YOUR INFORMATION?

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