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I found a follow up on the tiger thing...

Sorry, it's late, and I'm sick. I got a vodka-pedilyte mixture in me right now.


Happy Holidays


I'll put this under the "Stupid People" category just cuz they are pretty stupid...

Them damn Environmentalists....

Alaska used to have what was called a "Predator Control Program". This was where we killed wolves. The majority of these wolves were killed by hunters in helicopters.

Day #6


I have smoked since I was 15, I am now almost 26 in a few days. I have quit before when I found out I was pregnant, but always started back up.

Yet again...

As all of you will remember, we get Jaxson on the 26th. I am driving to my mom's (2 hours away) Christmas day, so I don't have to drive 4+ hours just to Oklahoma and 4+ back.

Just got home.....

We just got home from my mom's/dad's combigned Christmas.

UGH, those people!!

THE PEOPLE ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS AT MSN ARE STUPID IMMATURE IDIOTS!!!  you can't have a decent conversation, simply stating facts and/or opinions without them getting


I won't do anything but post this link, YOU make the call -


My wife HATES it when people say (when it looks like or IS raining), 'Well we NEED the rain.'!!!!


This OBVIOUS statement ALWAYS makes her angry! She wants to look at the person and say, 'WOW!

NOW I am REALLY confused about what is 'right and fair'!!!

Climate Talks Moving Toward No Rules for China, India

By Kim Chipman

Baby Momma Drama

My neighbor has just been served and he is SO PISSED.

Yes, I'm a grinch.

I hate Christmas. First off, I'm allergic to Blue Spruce Trees, the perfect Christmas tree. So I get to spend this time of year calling places I want to go and see if they have one.


So sad to see that even THIS is political too!!!!


Had a WONDERFUL Sunday......


Yeah right!

My parents sign papers today to sell their house. We hadd to go out to the house last night to clean it, the renters moved out friday.

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