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You Have The Wrong Fricking Number!

I hate when someone calls you and obviously has the wrong number then asks what the right number is, as if I'm a human phone book or something!

Another STUPID criminal!!!!!

Police: Man seeks ride from detective after heist
Sat Jul 11, 6:15 pm ET


This is Outrageous, the Consumer Gets Screwed Again


Sony has redesigned its Portable Playstation, removing the UMD Drive, providing a smaller screen, and smaller case.

These Two Deserve Each Other....

Sarah Palin is now defending Carrie Prejean!

Remember Sarah Palin who lost her bid to become Vice President in the recent election?

Facebook Scam!


Facebook <

so...I see we've been invaded again


BY THE DAMNED SPAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pet Peeve-Scammers

Dear Mr. Scammer..I am sorry - m4w Date: 2009-02-01, 10:11PM CST

Dear Mr.

The Downfall of Detroit

Here's an article about Detroit:

What I'm about to say may offend people but I can tell you why Detroit has become a rundown town.

They're all idiots!

So yesterday they downgraded the color of our volcano from Red to Orange. Basically it stopped having explosive eruptions, and began to build a lava dome.

STUPID criminal!!!!!

Talk about INSTANT Karma . . .

Wisconsin jewelry robbers fleeced as they flee


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