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Itunes and Amazon Rip off

I admit it, I was curious to hear the newly released Micheal Jackson song from Amazon or I-Tunes.

This is Outrageous, the Consumer Gets Screwed Again


Sony has redesigned its Portable Playstation, removing the UMD Drive, providing a smaller screen, and smaller case.

thinking about trying this...

know anyone who has it?

just a couple of VERY annoying things...

first, pumping gas at certain idiotic stations that LIMIT how much gas you get at one time.

lol supermarket math

Yesterday, I went to buy coca-cola. There were 2 displays, side by side. One display offered this- 2 18-packs for $10.00. Next to it had this offer- 3 12-packs for $10.98.

Talk about INSTANT Karma . . .

Wisconsin jewelry robbers fleeced as they flee


grocery peeves

I couldn't say it better than this!

SO, what did ya get???

OK, I wanna know what did ya get for the BIG DAY!!??

another reason to NOT shop today


these people have REALLY LOST it!!!

Vending Machines

It isn't rocket science. Coin operated vending machines have been around for ages and now many are equipped to accept paper money too. Some work rather reliably, some don't.

ok, here I go again

don't even know where to start!  I'm at work and we have a buzzer for people to ring so we know to get up and help them but like this one lady, some people sit th


does anyone know if those blu-ray dvd players also play regular dvd's or ONLY blu ray dvd's?  QVC's special value today is a blu ray dvd player for about 250.00

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