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Call Center Peeves

When I ask for someone's name they ask "my name?".

When I ask for a telephone number they ask "You want my number?".

Heat Miser


There are several thermostat in the office area that are set at 73 degrees except for the one that's located in the cubicle of the THERMOSTAT NAZI.

My rant: TGIX


I hate how he comes in, doesn't comprehend what was said, and still thinks he knows what the problem is and how to handle it.

See my previous post about the OLD FRIEND from PA.

No really, was someone looking to PAY for their wedding?

No, read this story and tell me what YOU think!!!!

That guy back home


So I thought I was done dealing with this guy back in PA that wanted me to drop my entire life and move back with him. Nope, I was wrong.

Stupid jerk driver on I4 today!!!

I had to go to Orlando today, it's about an hour to get there and I have to take the interstate. I was in the left lane....cruising along with traffic at about 80 mph.

I hate when people...

as they're getting on the interstate, ride the merging lane all the way to the end without getting over, and somehow think they they can "MAGICALLY OR AUTOMATICALLY&q

Stupid Receptionist

So we used to have this sweet girl as a receptionist. Every morning when you came in she said "Good Morning".

Another Bathroom Peeve


Perhaps it's more appropriate to call it a bathroom stall peeve. 

Such a Biotch

Enter husband's ex-wife:


I just had a huge whole burnt in the carpet in my beloved Wrangler with my baby nephew in the backseat, because some JERK tossed his cigarette outta his window!

what about this?

she was late, loud and unruly, so they say, but she DIED!?

what do you think about it?

DO NOT call me!!

see link in my first comment!


So, my wife & I went out for dinner (anniversary and all), and it was a nice restaurant (California Pizza or something like that).

Now I'm mad

So for lunch I went to a little sandwich shop. Parking was pretty full, so I parked at the edge of the building next door. I knew I would be there maybe 10 mins at the most.

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