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My Peeves over the Holiday weekend...

I didn't get to go to my mom's thanksgiving since we had Jaxson, which is ok, but we had to go to Clint's granny's which ALWAYS gives me something to complain about.



1. prettygirl is an uglybitch



This really shouldn't need a rant. But it does. Someone gets in the 15 items or less express checkout lane, but they have a whole shopping cart full of stuff!

Loud Motorcycles

Can someone please educate me on why some motorcycle riders have to have such loud engines that they set off car alarms when they drive down the street?  Does the vibration of such a loud engine

Call Center Peeves

This has been posted before but I NEED to vent...I can't stand people who will not listen!



I have

Do you have to fail an IQ test to work at Walmart?


My husband is an avid Xbox 360 gamer. He knows the realease date of ANY games he wants to play.

my crazy day

Yesterday I had the WEIRDEST day! bear with me, it may get a little long! LOL!

Conference Calls


Conference calls can be so annoying.  People are all talking at the same time, and you don't know who is talking, the sound quality sucks, and people do other things, like me, writing this po

These people make me sick!

What's sad is that this soldier gave his life defending these assholes right to be assholes!!!

Excuse me, You have my red stapler.

So yeah, I had an account here, and posted a few times on the old site. I just got bored tonight to check back in and such.

A New Cell Phone Low

I went to a haunted house and hayride tonight, I would have enjoyed myself except for some cheap tart who talked on the cell phone the whole damn time on the hayride.

Parking Peeves

1. You know how the typical shopping center has the yellow and blue lines in the parking lot and you're supposed to park between lines right?


I wanted to get a debate going, so I can sit back and relax..and see what was said!

Mandy's new list...

It has been a while since I posted a current list of my peeves, but there are some repeates from last time.

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