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I am at my wits end


I don't know how long I can take this anymore.  The situation at my house has gotten so out of hand that I don't even want to go home.  I leave to get to work very early in the mo

this is funny, embarrassing, but funny

I've heard of this place but never been there, about an hour away from me. I'll be sure to watch what I eat IF I ever DO go there!

Milking it, for what it's worth.


Until recently I haven't really known how much this bothered me.

Talk about piss me off.....

Last week my coworker left plans for a custmer to pick up at the front desk with the receptionist.

I found a follow up on the tiger thing...

Sorry, it's late, and I'm sick. I got a vodka-pedilyte mixture in me right now.


Them damn Environmentalists....

Alaska used to have what was called a "Predator Control Program". This was where we killed wolves. The majority of these wolves were killed by hunters in helicopters.

Yet again...

As all of you will remember, we get Jaxson on the 26th. I am driving to my mom's (2 hours away) Christmas day, so I don't have to drive 4+ hours just to Oklahoma and 4+ back.

Just got home.....

We just got home from my mom's/dad's combigned Christmas.

UGH, those people!!

THE PEOPLE ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS AT MSN ARE STUPID IMMATURE IDIOTS!!!  you can't have a decent conversation, simply stating facts and/or opinions without them getting

Inconsiderate Co-Worker


She ALWAYS makes her appointments during her shift at work, so we have to scramble to find someone to cover for her.

Thoughtless Gifts


If it's the thought that counts, what do you do when the gift is thoughtless

Thermostat Nazi

I suspect that my office was not intended to be a cubicle farm because there is a thermostat in HIS cubicle.

Had a WONDERFUL Sunday......


Yeah right!

My parents sign papers today to sell their house. We hadd to go out to the house last night to clean it, the renters moved out friday.

The Drop it Lady.


I was just surfing the series of tubes for a place to complain and it looks like I've found a spot.

Holiday Pet Peeves


I just saw there is a poll for Holiday Pet Peeves on the home page. It must have just gone up because not many people have voted. I voted, but I am curious to see what everyone else says.

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