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First day..


Went well. Met ALOT of new people, and re-met some old ones. I saw my boss at 9:30 at city hall when I turned in paperwork, and didn't see him for the rest of the day. That was fine with me.

What would you have done?

I went to the grocery store earlier to get a few things.  The lovely young lass who checked my items was less than circumspect in her attire.  She had on jeans, a top that rode up con

From the CSR standpoint

Okay, how many of you have read these rants & work in custoner service or phone tech support. Please realize that our jobs are NOT easy.

Work Out Pet Peeves

The gym I work out at provides towels for members, they also provide laundry baskets for members to use when they're done working out.

How's This for Customer Service

I was watching Dr Phil yesterday, he had this woman who did the greatest thing EVER!



I am so bad!  I just called my sister and used the hubby's name in vain.  I told her that his leave got changed and he would be home early next week.  She is freaking out right now

I USED to like Cheeto's . . .

until I saw that commercial in the laundry room, and the leopard dude suggest that the girl eating Cheeto's put some INTO the other girls WHITES drying in the machine!

I finally did it!


I took the advice of all of you and my mom and best friends/godmothers to my children.  I went to the court house this morning and spoke to the magistrate.  He didn't give what I was loo

so, I went to the movies

and I saw "27 Dresses" with my girls and it was cool if it wasn't for the IMBECILE that kept KICKING the back of my chair!!!


Ok I just came back from signing up for membership in a new gym. I'm, signing the papers, asking questions, and talking with the counter girl when this bitch comes up and just interupts.

That horrible receptionist

OH man she's dumb. I have a filing cabinet in my office that is used by maybe two people. One of them was at it, on his cellphone.

I was only trying to get my morning coffee!

I woke up this morning, like I always do, cause otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this now would I?  I pushed through my fog, and went to get my morning coffee.  I was standing in line,

ANOTHER reason NOT to vote for Clinton. . .

Roseanne debates candidates, slams Oprah

Comedian and opinionated blogger Roseanne debates the merits of various presidential hopefuls in a series of posts on her Web



Ok, I took all of the advice I got yesterday before I left from work for the day and let it bounce around in my head for a couple of hours.  It finally hit the fan last night.  I walked into

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