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I'm not sure if that's the right word for it, but here goes. My coworker had a job that he wanted to bid. His superior told him NOT to bid the job.

Some presents!


My husband spent mad money buying all the ladies in his life who are mom's flowers.  Everyone but my mom has received them.  There is a bitch that lives down the road from my mom who&

Work Place Peeves


I have a co-worker who everytime she makes an appointment makes it during her work shift!

Pay Attention Drivers!

So I have been giving into temptation lately and eating fast food. It's just sooo yummy. Today, I was on my way to BK when I had the stupid driver of the year near me.

That Evil Troll....


She's at it again. Our receptionist called off today, and I was designated to take her place.

Ugh, this is twice


So I live with a roommate. Things were wonderful when I first moved in, and have just recently begun to change, as in last week. First off, I would like to mention this house has 3 bathrooms.

born/raised in a barn

OK, it's well over 101 outside and the wind is blowing (a nasty warm wind). Perfect conditions for snakes!

I'll just leave this in the cabinet


Feel free to use when you see one around....

Some things aren't by choice


You all saw the pic of me with short hair, it was longer in the front with the back spiked up for a few months.

1:00 has come and gone...


So this Rude woman has contacted me about buying my car. She sent me an email and asked me to call her. I did that night, as I emailed her and told her I would.

People with Allergies

I am so sick of people with allergies expecting everyone to have to adpat to thier sensitivities!  Our new neighbors have just informed us by letter that they have allergies to smoke

Why TGIX should be banned.


So I hop on this morning and see all the political crap that I luckily missed all weekend, but unfortunatly I have to deal with it on a Monday morning.

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