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Swimming Pool Peeves


We have a 15 foot round pool in the backyard and frequently have guests over to swim.

rkinne you were correct!


Other than the post I just placed about the war deaths above, I will leave TGIX out of pointed posts. rkinne is correct, we are NOT in pre-school.

Kids in the Locker Room


I was undressing at the gym today when a man came into the locker room with a 6 year girl.

The second half of my week....

Well, this is just one of those weeks I am guessing. After my shitty day Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday and my neck ended up super screwed up in the first hour of my day.

AK needed this, perhaps someone else out there does as well. . .

Picture yourself walking down a nice quiet path in the woods, you can hear birds chirping, but they are in the distance.


In general, I'm not annoyed when someone wants to take a bite off my plate, to taste something they've never tasted before.  I'm not a germ-a-phobe.

Nancy Grace(less)


Jesus Christ! What a shrill and unpleasant woman. I've seen her show twice, she shouts down anyone who would dare to disagree with her.

Work ettiqutte. . .

I just watched an 'interesting' sight, a woman that worked at the restaurant where my wife's shop is just QUIT!

It feels like Monday

Let me walk you through my day so far (it's only 10am).

My newest peeve

The parking lot at work is a private parking lot for our employees and our customers ONLY. We have signs posted everywhere but people still park there anyway.

THAT other coworker...

I posted a little while ago about the guy that isn't licensed to be doing design but is... Well the Fire Marshall finally called the guy (my superior) who's name and license IS on them.



My parents kept telling me about this "perfect pillow" (that's what it's called). I finally looked it up and decided to order one.

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