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The neighbors dog

I stepped in to visit our neighbors who have small dog (a mutt) who spent the entire half hour I was there trying to humping my leg. Arggh!

It's official


This site has gone to shit. See the ones of you that matter on myspace. To the rest of you - get a myspace!! 

Sorry to interupt, but I need ALL of you to pray here:

I will just post the email I just got, it says it all to any of you that remember what happened (BTW, I left the names intact so you know where to aim the prayers towards):

twice in one day!!!!!

my street was BLOCKED!!!



Spoiled, Whiney Brats

Don't you just hate it when some brats on the phone whining to her dad that she probably wants a new car added to her "collection" and you know that he's probably saying stuff like &

Don’t waste my time


Peeve Meister here. 

For those of you who missed me last week (and sort of give a hoot), I’m officially back from a brief end-of-summer vacation.

Get ready to censor

So I'm at work, and all is going well. I should realize that this means something bad is going to happen, but no, I actually believe this is going to be a good day.

Good Neighbors


There’s not much that’s more irritating on a daily basis, than having problems with your neighbors.

Phelps Butterfly race. . .

Did any of you see that one? It was, to me, the most exciting race of the olympics (well, as of this AM, VERY AM). Phelps came from behind to take the win AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT!

Just for you RK!!!

I thought of you today, and did something for you.

More Phone Peeves

People who call the wrong number and expect me to have the right one for them. Sorry but I am not a phone book, call the freaking operator if you don't have one.

People on the Phone

I hate people who will call 5 times, knowing they've got the wrong frickin' number!  What the first 4 times weren't enough for you?

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