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I just HAVE to get it out already....

So my roommate is driving me up a f'ing wall lately. I'm biting my tongue because I'm moving this fall and he doesn't know yet (nobody knows yet) but I have HAD it.

This is GROSS!!!!

So I am at work yesterday evening and I go to wash my hands before I take my break.

And why are the children the way they are???

So, I am working at the restaurant this weekend, and surprise surprise, a child goes running across the floor all underfoot and etc.


Have, errr, HAD this young employee tell me Saturday that she MIGHT be quiting next week for a job she has been offered since June.

nasty neighbors


well, the title says it all.  but these people take the cake.  I've been to their house only a few times, but ONCE was enough for me!  HOW do people live li



College Roommates!


I have a niece that is all excited about going off to college next month.

The second half of my week....

Well, this is just one of those weeks I am guessing. After my shitty day Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday and my neck ended up super screwed up in the first hour of my day.

AK needed this, perhaps someone else out there does as well. . .

Picture yourself walking down a nice quiet path in the woods, you can hear birds chirping, but they are in the distance.

THAT other coworker...

I posted a little while ago about the guy that isn't licensed to be doing design but is... Well the Fire Marshall finally called the guy (my superior) who's name and license IS on them.


I'm not sure if that's the right word for it, but here goes. My coworker had a job that he wanted to bid. His superior told him NOT to bid the job.



Finally it's Friday! I didn't make it to work yesterday as I am sick, and I am housesitting for a coworker. I figured I would rest up and be feeling better today. Boy was I wrong!

That Evil Troll....


She's at it again. Our receptionist called off today, and I was designated to take her place.

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