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Most Recent Rants in Macintosh

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Out of Control Toolbars

My latest computer peeve is all these programs that try to slip in these annoying "tool bars".

Yahoo's Email Pet Peeves

Email may have taken over from verbal communication, but when it comes to sending electronic messages Yahoo!

Wallpaper Rave


I get bored with my wallpaper and like to freshen up it a bit at times.

A Rave


Ok my I-Tunes has a tab in each song that will allow you to input lyrics, but I-Tunes for some strange reason doesn't offer an automatic way to fill it in.

This is Some Scary Stuff.....


What the article says in a nutshell is that your ISP (Comcast, At&t, AOL, etc.) must keep records of EVERY thing that you do while online and be a

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Look out for a program called either Anti-Virus 2008 or 2009 (no brand name).

I-Tunes 8.0 My Review

8.0 is BUGGY, I installed it last night and it promptly crashed my PC.  Itunes 8 is more unstable than a drunk Tim Allen at dangerous hardware convention.

Cool New Software Tool

I got really lucky to find this one, but thought I'd share it with you.

Don't Take Your Electronics to Canada

A new law will soon go into affect in Canada designed to curb piracy, a good thing right?  Not so fast!  This law gives customs the right to seize any ele

Cool Software


Ever wanna put videos from your pc onto an I-Pod, PSP, or other personal video player? 


Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day [Jul 25]

Administrators are the real unsung heroes in any office today. They hold great importance in the running of a business.

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