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Funeral Peeves

We buried my grandma a week ago today, and I have some peeves.

First to her self centered step children and their kids, go screw yourselves!

How sad


Seriously Mad Vulcan, it's so sad that you have now become the troll.

Black Friday...The Holiday Shopping Nonsense Begins!

Why are so many people suckered into this madness?

Damnit Mad...


I'm arachnophobic..... Now I have to put my hand up to block the screen EVERY time I come here!!! You suck!

A few things

Rant: Work internet sucks!! We have to reset constantly, and we can't seem to hold our connection.

It's official


This site has gone to shit. See the ones of you that matter on myspace. To the rest of you - get a myspace!! 



Had a 'good' laugh at work tonight. . .

well, maybe not a 'good' laugh, I was ROFLMFAO, but AFTER this person left. Here's what happened -

Stop shouting!

I work in an office where everyone sits in a cube. The walls for the cubes, however, are only about five feet high at some spots, four feet high at others.

Get ready to censor

So I'm at work, and all is going well. I should realize that this means something bad is going to happen, but no, I actually believe this is going to be a good day.

More Phone Peeves

People who call the wrong number and expect me to have the right one for them. Sorry but I am not a phone book, call the freaking operator if you don't have one.

rkinne you were correct!


Other than the post I just placed about the war deaths above, I will leave TGIX out of pointed posts. rkinne is correct, we are NOT in pre-school.

No seriously, WTF?!?!?!

I was at a Long's Drugs last night with my wife, she went in to pick up her prescriptions when I hear this LOUD (and deep) music.

AK needed this, perhaps someone else out there does as well. . .

Picture yourself walking down a nice quiet path in the woods, you can hear birds chirping, but they are in the distance.

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