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New Job??????

I'm waiting to hear back on whether I got the new job I applied for or not.

 HUGE raise from what I make now, and a fun office...



and it looks great, now I'm tryin to figure out how to navigate around here!!!



See, that wasn't so hard. Hopefully very very very soon, is actually soon.

since I lost..........



Just at least save me a piece, would

Place your bets here!!


Wonder if the new site will be up and running on Monday??

It says it will, yet again, but will it??

I bet a big ass chocolate cake, that we will see it........any takers???

people who are late


Now I am pissed. I have been up since ass crack dawn this morning trying to get teh house picked up b4 the orkin man shows up. He was supposed to be here between 9 and 10 this morning.

Friends Wedding...

I just got home today and found a letter in my mail box from my best friends little sister regretting to inform me that she will not be getting married next weekend!! WHAT??

Alarm clocks


Try having 2 alarm clocks in 1 room, that both have 2 alarms on each clock. And EACH alarm is set at a different time. All 4 are set between 6 am and 6:15 am.

What FEMA should have done


7 years


So here's a link:


This poor woman died over 7 years ago and her family JUST called police to check on her. Seven years??

Here she is guys!!

Thanks a ton

This really drives me up a wall. Today a friend asks me to watch her kid - she has an appt. that will take no longer then 15 minutes. Lunch is an hour. This appt.



Took me all day to find something to bitch about, and it came to me in the form of an email, from my husband's ex. Real quick rundown for ya.


This is a great site for me to just let it all out about different peeves that really bother me.

Today's post is about bosses.  I have a boss that cannot get fired (because he's a soldier and I wor

Hurting the Oil Companies, corrected version!

This Idea going around on the net not to buy gas for just one day is senseless!

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