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Yet again...

As all of you will remember, we get Jaxson on the 26th. I am driving to my mom's (2 hours away) Christmas day, so I don't have to drive 4+ hours just to Oklahoma and 4+ back.

Had a WONDERFUL Sunday......


Yeah right!

My parents sign papers today to sell their house. We hadd to go out to the house last night to clean it, the renters moved out friday.



Hey Peevers,

I haven't posted in a long time, but whatever, here we go.

Holiday Pet Peeves


I just saw there is a poll for Holiday Pet Peeves on the home page. It must have just gone up because not many people have voted. I voted, but I am curious to see what everyone else says.

My new peeves

Peeve #1 

Hello, I am retarded

So do you remember when I told you about my lab the lady said was a pit bull and bit her? Yeah, well I couldn't find his shot record, and they wrote me a ticket, right?

That guy back home


So I thought I was done dealing with this guy back in PA that wanted me to drop my entire life and move back with him. Nope, I was wrong.

can't totally blame the daycare for this

as much as they were wrong for what they did, the MOTHER WAS LATE!!!

I hate when people...

as they're getting on the interstate, ride the merging lane all the way to the end without getting over, and somehow think they they can "MAGICALLY OR AUTOMATICALLY&q

My Update

Ok, I made up mly mind and I'm not changing it for anyone or anything. I decided screw this guy in PA.

I'm having a crummy day

So I was pretty stressed out about the whole court shit I have to do for the ex... Well more for the DA then the ex, but it's from all the crack head stuff.

what about this?

she was late, loud and unruly, so they say, but she DIED!?

what do you think about it?

DO NOT call me!!

see link in my first comment!


you may think I'm crazy for saying this BUT you CAN'T understand how I feel until you've been through what I've been through.

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