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Don't believe the IRS


My roommate told me that he got his check today. The last two of his soc. are behind mine, and I'm 80. 

where is my money????

I KNOW it's supposed to be direct deposited today, but WHEN???

1:00 has come and gone...


So this Rude woman has contacted me about buying my car. She sent me an email and asked me to call her. I did that night, as I emailed her and told her I would.

I checked my mail today


And no Peeve Characters were there. Then I turned around and saw the CPO standing there watching me with a disgruntled look on his face and a bloody knife.

got this in email...


Tips for Handling Telemarketers

Three Little Words That Work !!

my question for the day

I'm about to leave to run an errand BUT before I go, I MUST ask this question:

My Boss!!

Ok, so I am LOVING my new job, but my boss is an idiot!! He doesn't do much, if anyhting! He is rarely in the office, and is usually running around.

What do I do???

Well, as many/some of you know from my previous postings, I work for the military recruiting.  Because I work for the military recruiting, I am also a part of the family readiness group.


ok, i wont use a "lets say..." i will just tell you what happened.



I am so bad!  I just called my sister and used the hubby's name in vain.  I told her that his leave got changed and he would be home early next week.  She is freaking out right now

Igno you make me sad!!!


I sent you my email Friday Igno, it can't be that hard to get it up here!!!!

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