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Get healthcare done

I am going to end on a depressing note. Healthcare. Why we still need to do this. The Democrats need to get their act together with some Republicans to support the Ted Kennedy/Mitt Romney plan.

I warned y'all about this!!!!

Lawsuit seeks to halt US swine flu vaccination campaign
Thu Oct 15, 4:07 pm ET


Copy of a recent letter to my congressperson. . .

Madam, I am writing you directly because you are a one who may be able to hear what I am proposing.

Oh Canada, Oh Canda. . .

So sorry that your health care actually ISN'T what Micheal Moore claims it is!!!!!

RAVE: WOW amazing results


I always wondered how this operation turned out. I am amazed.

Hospital Cutbacks

I'll keep this short...

My neice went to the ER for stomach problems, she ended up throwing up all over the place.

Freakin good for nothng answering services.....

I hope my child pediatrician gets that stupid, lazy ass bitch fired!

My child has been very ill.

Pill bottles

I hate these kid proof bottles! They can be a bear to open sometimes especially if you have wet hands.


I work for a call center, as you may know, I find so many people just plain......simple.

Gotta run to work but saw this VERY interesting ad. . .

It was about some 'new' drug that is being recalled.

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