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Severe Back Pain

Ok, I am in some serious pain right now!

Misappropriation of Government Funds!

Ok, it might not be exactly that, but from what I am seeing that was the only thing that I could think to call it at this moment.

Weight gain

I do not know what is going on other than I am getting older, but it sure takes a lot more effort to drop weight.

People with Allergies

I am so sick of people with allergies expecting everyone to have to adpat to thier sensitivities!  Our new neighbors have just informed us by letter that they have allergies to smoke

Alley to Develop own weight loss brand!?!?!

LOS ANGELES - Kirstie Alley and Jenny Craig may have gone their separate ways, but the one-time "Fat Actress" isn't giving up on the weight loss industry.

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