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Migraine Facts....

 In addition to being disabling, Migraines can be life-threatening. To put this in perspective, more people died from Migrainous Stroke last year than were murdered with handguns.

Tree Man

Did any of you see this last night on ABC?  I just saw the commercials for it, and decided I couldn't watch it.  So of course today I had to look it up.

it's ok, it's not ok...

"Drink 8-8oz. glasses of water a day". 

"Only eat certain kinds of fish (and a certain amount) because of mercury".

"Soy is good for you".

AK needed this, perhaps someone else out there does as well. . .

Picture yourself walking down a nice quiet path in the woods, you can hear birds chirping, but they are in the distance.

Getting sick in Summer

I don't think it should be possible. And being up here is such a hot spot for tourism, we get LOTS of interesting bugs going around.

Pictures for Conanabanana

This might bring some entertainment to you


I was SO bad!

I took the kids down to my grandmother's house for the 4th weekend. My grandmother is looking to get her mom in a nursing home, because she is 96 and has demensia (sp?).


I hike a lot, and on Friday I found a tick on my stomach.

Question for the women of Peeves

Alright, this is an honest question regardless of who is asking, so give me honest answers -

2 Dead Crows in a week

I have lived in Los Angeles for 22 years, and have never seen a dead crow.  I saw a dead crow in front of my house over the weekend.  Now I just saw one when I was walking back from lunch.

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