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This is GROSS!!!!

So I am at work yesterday evening and I go to wash my hands before I take my break.

This is Some Scary Stuff.....


What the article says in a nutshell is that your ISP (Comcast, At&t, AOL, etc.) must keep records of EVERY thing that you do while online and be a

Freakin good for nothng answering services.....

I hope my child pediatrician gets that stupid, lazy ass bitch fired!

My child has been very ill.


I decided to do the unthinkable. I went to the dermatologist. My issue with them is that it now prooves I have a problem. SO....I went to figure out what I can do about my pissed-off skin.

wipe the damn seat, will ya?

Tell me, men, what is so hard about wiping any pee you got on the seat?  I shouldn't have to inspect everytime I need to sit on a toilet!

How would you like this to happen to you and your family?

How would you like this to happen to your family?  You have a specialty that is needed in another country, go over there to help and want to bring your family with you only to get denied becau

thinking pink....

Man, 112, says secret to long life is being active

Ain't THAT the truth . . .


I work for a call center, as you may know, I find so many people just plain......simple.

You GO Great grandpa!!!!!

Marathon hopeful, 101-year-old , training hard

so, I SLICED my finger open while cleaning out my freezer...

and I was in the ER at Ochsner hosp for 3 1/2 hrs!  I'm such a 'tard.  my freezer in my laundry room needed to be cleaned and I had just gone to Sam's to

ok, so it's been 3 years today and HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

OOHHHH LORDY!!!  I was SO NOT ready but I can't deny it anymore!

Gotta run to work but saw this VERY interesting ad. . .

It was about some 'new' drug that is being recalled.

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