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The New Gatorade


Loaded with caffeine and taurine to stimulate the central nervous system, energy drinks have become the go-to solution when you need a quick, energizing pick-me-up.

But some

$45 for this?

My sis-in-law and her hubby are very pro-organic, eat free range food, food grown locally, you get the idea. They visited yesterday and brought an organic ham from a specialty shop.

lol supermarket math

Yesterday, I went to buy coca-cola. There were 2 displays, side by side. One display offered this- 2 18-packs for $10.00. Next to it had this offer- 3 12-packs for $10.98.

RAVE: Aspargus fries


Over the weekend my family met some friends at Burgers N Beer.

Christmas Party 'to-do' list!!!

Yes, some of you already have seen this one, I posted it last year plus it IS making the rounds again in the email rounds. . .

I guess someone is TRYING to 'feed the hungry'?!?!?!?!

Mass. cops puzzled by butcher-quality meat chunks
1 hr 35 mins ago




This is a dumb question. I know I will probably get razzed. I don't care. Please answer my question. What does caffeine look like?

y'all it's Friday and I'm tired as hell!

between working every day and going straight to football/cheerleading practice for my son/daughter, I'M BEAT!!  we get home after 9:00 every night from practice and then

so, I had Chinese again for lunch and...

here is my fortune...

"Life is not a struggle.

It's a wiggle."

MAN, the weather was a BIATCH today!

first off, this is a double rant!



it turned out to be pretty cool for a birthday.  haven't had a real good one in a while.  I had to work, but it was ok cuz my co-workers surprised me with a cake

I ate chinese for lunch and...

this was what my fortune cookie said:

Lowering the Drinking Age



What are you thoughts on this subject?

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