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Ugly Cars...need I say more

I was driving yesterday, in traffic, and as I sat I noticed how many ugly "things" are out there on the road!

A real peeve (for those who doubted)

Ok, it is another one about driving but just listen.
Correct me if I'm wrong but if you are TOWING something behind your vehicle, you SHOULD NOT be in the left lane.

What did I JUST post yesterday????

Did I not just post about the way some jerks park?  Didn't I just say that yesterday?  So, I leave work and go to stop at a small grocery store near my house for some bread.  What do you think happene


I know this has probably been said before, but don't ya just hate it when you go to park in a parking lot - anywhere - and there are spots you can't get into because some inconsiderate asses parked cr

Drivers in this part of the country

I've lived in the south-eastern U.S. for over a decade now, but everything about me still reflects the northern mentality, especially when it comes to driving.

Thrilled to have a place to vent!

Just joined the site.  It is so great to have a place to vent with others!!  I can't begin to count the number of times people do things that infuriate me and I rant and rave to myself or others who l

Gas Shortage In Indiana & Michigan

Gas is $3.50 in South Bend,In. and surrounding area's. The Oil companies claim a gas shortage here, BUT I SEE NO STATIONS RUNNING OUT ! Instead I see lines of people going on Holiday!

My Driving Is Fine and Such Things

Why do people feel that they have the right to criticize you when it's you who is doing the favor for them?

If I am giving you a ride somewhere because you asked me to and I am saving you gas $$$ a

People that do not know what the law is about driving on the middle lane!!!!

So, my wife and I are coming home, but we need gasoline. No worries, the is our station we like (cause it is cheaper) not even two buildings forward from us on the OTHER side of the street.

Miami holds top spot on rude driver list

This was just released today from the Associated Press:

Miami holds top spot on rude driver list

By SARAH LARIMER, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 25 minutes ago

For the se

How much more does it cost?

I can't stand people that pay money for a loud stereo for the car they have, but do not pay to have it installed properly.

Hurting the Oil Companies, corrected version!

This Idea going around on the net not to buy gas for just one day is senseless!


This Idea going around on the net not to buy gas for just one day is senceless!

Drivers using parking lots like race tracks

The title pretty much says it all. People speed through parking lots like it's a major roadway and hello!

Pedestrians in shopping center parking lots

Why do these people walk out in the road separating the store from the parking lot (Target for example) without looking to see if cars coming?

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