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A very successful lawyer parked his brand new Porsche Carrera GT in front of the office, ready to show it off to his colleagues.

Concours d'Elegance - a PET PEEVE!!!

Alright, look at this site first - http://www.pebblebeachconcours.net/

Now that you have seen it, can you tell me why I have to PAY to see some OTH


that's what I saw driving today, on several cars, for MILES and MILES! are they asleep when driving, oh, I know, they're on the phone!


Yes, this supposedly WONDERFUL and ENCHANTING time is going to suck........I can just feel it! My husband is on long week-end, so we are all getting out of the house.

Hit by a car


 Look at this that I found on snopes.com This is a real video of a car accident. I guess the helicopters causght the scene during the chase.

Cell Phones....yet again

Text Messages Cited in Fatal Crash of 5 NY Teens 
By BEN DOBBIN, Associated Press WriterSat Jul 14, 6:05 PM ET

Text messages were sent and rece

More on the stupid family stickers

I saw a van yesterday that had two of the dang things.  One was the typical line drawings of the family with names, and one had different sized flip-flops to represent the people.  Flip-flops for cryi


I just got off the phone with the mechanic that has the van. I took it in for an oil change, new headlight, and check the fluids.

Invisible Addresses - There ought to be a law!

On occasion, I need to drive to a store or company for the first time, navigating by the street address.

Those Damn Freeway Information signs

Here in Kollifornia, sprinkled throughout the freeway system are these lit up information signs.

drivers who block entry to freeway

I live in Minnesota and I can tell you that "Minnesota nice" does not apply to all drivers. Sometimes when entering the freeway from an on-ramp, a driver will simply refuse to yield and let me in!

11 year old driver charged with drunk driving

Where the hell is this girls parents, where did the alcohol AND the car come from???

Do you know where your pre-teen is??


How I almost Screwed The Pooch in Georgia

Yup folks, thought I would share this with you mostly as a "What Not To Do" that I did.

Truth is I had help but most of the blame is mine.

Scenario: The year,19

Sorry, but I have to....

I have to bring this up, because it is ironic to me to say the least.

Why if I have no where to go, the gas prices are lower....

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