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What is it with some of these women drivers around here? Here me out ladies before you jump on my ass for this. I am a woman and I drive like I have some common sense.

I am not a deer!

I'll start off with Transportation, since it's one of my worst. At this moment my main mode of transportation is my bicycle.


on msn.com, it showed where a trucker was driving and someone dropped a bowling ball off the overpass and into his truck and hit him in the face as his wife slept in the back behind him and he got kno

Commercial trucks in the carpool lane.

Just because your big ass rig has 2 people in it does not mean you can clog up the carpool lane.  Especially those old smog-producing buckets that can barely do 55 (the speed limit is 65)!!!

dumb drivers

on my way to work in the morning,  speed limit posted is 50MPH,  and a person pulls in front of me and only drives about 35 mph.

Bev in Harrison, Mi.

No, SERIOUSLY, I really DO respect the police!

Alright, so I am driving home last night, and on my LAST turn before home, there are two things I noticed: the local PD had a unit on the side of the road (officer looking down), and approaching me wa

bastards got bumpers on their asses?

well, I picked up the kids just now and took them to get a snowball.
driving back home this jerklick starts crossing the street in front of me and I HAVE the green light, and proceeds to continue wal

he he he

Not the Topless Car Wash They Expected


trashy people

I mean the people who LITTER, either throwing things out the window, and YES EVEN a cig butt!!!
BUT the reason for my rant today is this: as I was driving home today down I-10, there are lots of pic

2007 California Traffic Laws effective 7/1/07

New California Laws effective 7/1/07
New Driving Fines for 2007

1. Carpool lane - 1st time $1068.50 starting  7/1/07 (The $271 posted
on the highway is old).


I just got home from a perfectly innocent trip to my local library. On the way home I had been driving behind a woman in a VW Jetta who had been going the speed limit and I had no problem following.

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