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purple and gold and red, OH MY!!!!

I'M SO TIRED OF IT, all week on the news and all the people around here

German speed bump!

This is too funny!

I'm sad

I went out drinking with a group of friends, and that was really cool, we had a good time, had some margharitas, some food, danced.  Then when I left my car was boxed in, i couldn't move it a

The Drop it Lady.


I was just surfing the series of tubes for a place to complain and it looks like I've found a spot.

I've ALWAYS wanted one...

and now that I have a new truck I really want to get one for it!

Loud Motorcycles

Can someone please educate me on why some motorcycle riders have to have such loud engines that they set off car alarms when they drive down the street?  Does the vibration of such a loud engine

my crazy day

Yesterday I had the WEIRDEST day! bear with me, it may get a little long! LOL!

For Those Who Reverse Park


Friend without a car

I have a thirty year-old friend that doesn't drive.  He has no physical or mental impairments.  I have NO problem with people that do not want to drive, but if you do not drive, TAKE SOM

Parking Peeves

1. You know how the typical shopping center has the yellow and blue lines in the parking lot and you're supposed to park between lines right?


don't know how much of this is true but my dad sent this email to me:

Stupid jerk driver on I4 today!!!

I had to go to Orlando today, it's about an hour to get there and I have to take the interstate. I was in the left lane....cruising along with traffic at about 80 mph.

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