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Careless driver during a bike race

This is a nightmare.

Two stories you have to check out.

One is a poll that a group did another is a car accident that is tragic.

know what really IRKS me?

...people who turn their head ALL the way around while changing lanes and driving!!!  I mean, WHY??!!  that's what the rear/side view mirrors are for!  that&#3

Pay Attention Drivers!

So I have been giving into temptation lately and eating fast food. It's just sooo yummy. Today, I was on my way to BK when I had the stupid driver of the year near me.

have you heard?

I don't know if you guys know but there's supposed to be some "national" strike against the price of gas tomorrow where we are NOT supposed to buy gas ANYWHERE! so fill up today!

Tourist Season has begun

It has begun.. I have already encountered some tourists up here, and have just remembered why I hate summer.

GRRRRRRR Stupid drivers!!!!

So, the person is already on the freeway going the speed limit (55 right where we were), I am merging from an on-ramp.

Judges Above the Law

I was driving home from work on 5/5/07 at approximately 9:30pm. I had been driving down Baxter and there was this car, a Jaguar, in front of me.

A question for all

Up here we're going to be voting in a few months on Taxi deregulation. I was just wondering if anyone lives where this has already happened, and how things are going.

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