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Right on Red

Since when is turning right on a red light a God-given right??


(Some) Honda Drivers

My pet peeve is some Honda Drivers and others who drive like they're special persons and own the road.  They cut in and out of traffic on multi-lane roads, turn without signals, stop on freeway access

Left turn signal

I am SO tired of idiots who are in front of you at a red light and then wait until the light turns green to put on their signal!!!


anybody who drives while being female

Not a option

I am so sick and tired of people who for whatever reason seem to think that the turn signal in their vehicles are an option.  I can't count how many times I have almost been in an accident because of

Idiot Drivers

I can't stand people who drive in and out of rush hour traffic lanes.  Just because you step on your brakes a bit maybe because traffic is starting to slow they have to get in the lane next to you aft

BMW drivers

These are the rudest people on the road.

Those crappy mufflers the kids think are cool!!!

I hate those new mufflers that kids buy for their cars. The ones that sound like someone is farting, they are loud and sound stupid.

Tossing Cigarette buts out the car window

There is nothing worse then seeing smokers tossing cigerette butts out their car windows.

Car Repairs

I just brought my car in for "routine" maintaince, which is supposed to be covered under the warranty with the car.

Multi-tasking at its scariest!

The other day, the Peevemeister and I were tooling along on one of the larger (busier) streets in our town. Next to us in a mondo huge-o Hummer was a woman 1. talking on her cellphone 2.

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