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guess who!!??  the Suburban extended stay hotel in Tallahassee FL is great and has a computer for the guests to use for 15min at a time!!

ok, so it's been 3 years today and HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

OOHHHH LORDY!!!  I was SO NOT ready but I can't deny it anymore!

so I saw this license plate...

while I was driving and it read "LYKMBIG" and of course she was driving a HUMMER H2.


Driving Peeve.

Every morning I drive to work when I get into town I have to make a right turn. The road is a 4 lane road. 2 lanes each way.

This is SOOOO cute, makes you want to just HUG this kid!!!!!

Boy, 4, tries to drive to grandma's house, crashes 2 hours, 37 minutes ago


AK needed this, perhaps someone else out there does as well. . .

Picture yourself walking down a nice quiet path in the woods, you can hear birds chirping, but they are in the distance.

another reason old people ought not drive


it's funny, but sad too. 

I give up..I'm convinced!

I have just gotten back from errands and I now know how I will die....FROM SOMEONE PLAYING WITH THEIR PHONE WHILE TRYING TO DRIVE AND THEY WILL KILL ME!!!

It feels like Monday

Let me walk you through my day so far (it's only 10am).


  How about we pressure our elected officials to initiate a law requiring law enforcement to accept, rreview and act upon any photo and/or video submitted to them; which we, public observers, hav

2 random peeves

I was just dropping the kids off to summer camp this morn and as I was leavin, I got stuck behind a dump truck.

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