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When I'm texting


and in my impatience to hurry the fuck up and get to what I want to say, I skip over the letter/word/emote I want to use. -_- REPEATEDLY. 

More Phone Peeves.....

Why is that people who dial the wrong number assume that you know the correct number? No moron I don't have the phone to the local sex toy store and no I don't know how to reach Obama.

And it continues...

I figured the weekend would defeat my mood and the bad things happening to me, but of course not.

Cell phone good for SOMETHING anyway!!!

Cell phone in man's chest pocket stops bullet
49 mins ago


And they made a law about cell phones.

Calif. lapdogs can stay just that in moving cars

Sun Sep 28, 10:57 AM ET

Ahhh, technology brings a mess

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love all this new technology.

People on the Phone

I hate people who will call 5 times, knowing they've got the wrong frickin' number!  What the first 4 times weren't enough for you?

I'm really loosing patience

Okay, I realize I may be getting old here, but I have just about lost it with cell phones.

Have you noticed lately??

Okay is it me or am I noticing a trend here??

How many times do you see people with cell phones acting really bizarre & hyper??

Hang up the phone.

Peeve Meister here.

It makes me nuts when people are talking on the cell phone while they are in line paying at a store checkout.

Worse, did you ever notice that they don't really ever have anyt

Shame on the cell phone companies

My Pet Peeve for this week? Cell phone rip-offs.

Perez Hilton's Pet Peeves!

Some of these are quite funny! Dealing with the gym.  Conanabanana, you will appreciate number 3.

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