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A little input would be great!!

So I'm starting my shopping for a new vehicle. I'm getting a truck, and nothing is going to change my mind on that.


Ok, I am happy because I traded in my Xterra, and got an 08 Nissan Pathfinder! YEAH! Now we can all fit into one car when Jaxson comes down, and no longer have to take 2 cars EVERYWHERE!


it's my turn...again

OK, so I'm driving around doing my errands today and a few things started to bug me:

I'm speechless

I got all dressed to go try this paper clip thing. I got into my car, which was under 8" of snow, and decided that I would give the key one last try.

The car war

So I can't get my key INTO my ignition to turn it and start my car. These guys told me they could come exchange my ignition for a new one that would start my car.

My Car

My car is my peeve today. It ruined my day too. I have one key that opens the doors, and starts the car. This morning, everything was going normal. It was identical to every other morning I have.

German speed bump!

This is too funny!

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