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twice in one day!!!!!

my street was BLOCKED!!!


I know I said I wouldn't be back until after Thanksgiving, but I just HAVE to get some shit off my chest!! After this post I'm going to go back to not coming here until then.

so I saw this license plate...

while I was driving and it read "LYKMBIG" and of course she was driving a HUMMER H2.


Wanna buy a car?

Buying a car from a dealer is one of the few remaining truly miserable experiences the citizens of this great country are unfortunately subjected to on a regular basis.

WARNING...political rant...

Ok.....there are those who don't beleive we should drill off our coasts. There are other nations doing it off our coasts right now.  We would be safer than them.

My newest peeve

The parking lot at work is a private parking lot for our employees and our customers ONLY. We have signs posted everywhere but people still park there anyway.

So tell me. ..

Not sure if any of you have seen the 'freecreditdotcom' commercials, but I have!

I'll use some "not so used" categories!

I've decided that being my auto insurance is up for renewal next month that I will shop around for the best price I can get.


I hate when driving on the highway you see signs that say 20 miles ahead there is construction taking place and to merge with the opposite lane.

Careless driver during a bike race

This is a nightmare.

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