text and driving

THIS HAS BECOME A NATIONAL PAST TIME !!!! BASEBALL USED TO BE BUT NOT ANYMORE!!. if there is one thing that  really pisses me off the most is TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!.  there should be a law  for this whoever texts while driving needs to  to be arrested for [TWD] texting while driving. not only are teens doing it , but it seems like more adults and elderly are involved in this,.!!!!. there is nothing more fustrating then being behind someone  in a 45 mile speed zone and they are driving about 30 because they have an growth on the side of their heads and i sure as hell not talking about their ears, i am talking about a cell phone, well i got behind someone like that today and was thankful that i was able to get on the other lane and to my surprise it was an elderly man about 60 or  older, i was stunned, so the next time everybody wants to bash a teen for texting , remember  this.