I fix friends computers on the side for a little extra money and my peeve is that people wanna argue with me when I tell them what the problem is!

I recently went to fix a relatives DSL Issues.  She has a combo modem/wireless unit on 2 computers, one PC is hooked up via ethernet and the other wireless.  The wired computer works fine no problem at all but the computer that uses wireless USB reciever disconnects constantly or slows to a painful crawl.

I tried connecting my tablet and cell to her wireless network and they both worked fine. I am resonably certain that the issue rests witrh her receiver. She insisted that it was the modem/router unit despite my findings, so we went to buy another modem to find that it too had the same issue.  She still insisted the porblem was with the modem so we returned it for another unit which did the same thing.  I once again explained the problem to her and told her getting a new receiver would solve the problem she finally allowed me to get a new (which was half the price of a modem I might add), and voila everything worked great!  The fix should have only taken me 2-3 hours (travel time, set up, etc.) had she listened but her unwillingness to listen to me cost her twice as much but she got billed for 6 hours instead.

New rule when fixing computers: The PC owner must make themselves scarce while I work on the computer!