Motorcycle Riders

I'm probably gonna get hit upside the head for this one but I'd just like to say my peace.

I have many friends that ride cycles and I love them dearly.  Here's my rant.

Please please please..You are all great people and love to do runs for charities and bless your hearts for that. 

What I DON'T like to see is barhopping and drinking (not all) while doing it.  I see many (again, not all) starting early on a Saturday drinking, hitting the road together and barhopping along the way. Please stay safe people and don't drink and ride.  Many of you are old enough to know that the cops won't stop can go from 20 to 120 mph in a short amount of time and it's just not safe to chase you.  I honestly believe that most of you know better, but for those that don't...please know that drinking and riding doesn't mix any more than drinking and driving.

I just lost a very good friend of mine to this.  He drank and rode. i tried to stop him by taking his keys. Although I asked others for help..nobody did.  Had I known better I would have gone a step further and let the air out of his tires or taken the spark plugs out of his bike, but knowing nothing about bikes..I had his keys and I thought hat was enough.

Unfortunately, he had a spare and before I knew it, he was starting up his bike and driving away.

I never got to talk to him again...and I'll forever regret that I didn't do more.

Stay safe out there people.