Gestapo is coming to your neighborhood

You've heard by now. Some child, who hasn't lived long enough to know much of anything about life, could be forcibly removed from his home and the loving arms of his parents, because he's fat.  A bit extreme wouldn't you agree? I'm sure the push behind this cruelity has to come from insurance company lobbyists in Washington.  After all, it is about money, isn't it. 

These bottom feeders don't care about this child or his health, they're focused on the bottom line.  Their suggested solution is more like a punishment than a resolution to the problem.  Why not help his parents develop a sensible diet for the child? It's simple enough and, why get the government involved?

Is there more to this than meets the eye? Of couse their is. What do you get when you combine money slinging lobbyists and corrupt government officials?  Trouble for the average citizen.  Look at what they want to do to this kid and his family; forcibly remove him from his home.   Sounds Gestapo like a tactic to me. And, do you think that once this law is passed that it will end there or will they expand on it?  Who knows, maybe some day government officials will be kicking down you door because you refuse to buy cable TV?