DO... NOT... TOUCH.... MY..... HAIR!!!!!!

Categories: the other day I am ROCKING the hell out my fro, then my co worker decides she wants to touch it- so I start ducking and weaving so she cant get to it. Big sigh of relief. Then another coworker is behind me and says "I just love your hair". I say thank you, but continue to do what I was doing-typing some thing on the computer- then all of a sudden I feel hands in my fro. I completely lost my mind.  The thing is I work very hard on MY hair. My hair is MY canvas, MY art work. When people go to the museum they look and they admire, but they dont touch!!! Do not touch my hair.

And another thing, Respect my boundries. By boundries I mean space. Damn!!! can you PLEASE back up!!!


I have dreadlocks.  I feel

I have dreadlocks.  I feel your pain.