people making out and smoochiing next to someone who is eating or studying..

I think it is cool to be in love and express your emotions to each other... maybe, while walking or somewhere secluded.. I was studying at a school computer library and a girl right next to me was writing a paper, I think. Her boyfriend sat right next to her and after every sentence she wrote, she would turn to him and they'd start loudly kissing. That went on for at least an hour. I was trying to finish my project for a final and I kept cringing at every sound and being disgusted and distructed. Then, the other day, I was seating at a coffee shop eating and checking my email, when a pair right in front of me started making out.. Not just making out, but making those smooching sounds.. I gave them the most horrible look...Then I stood up to shop some more, being not able to seat right next to them, and when I came back they were gone.. Now, I am not some prune, when my exboyfriend and I went somewhere, we'd kiss and smooch, but I don't remember us being next to anyone. Like, at a restaurant, we always sat in one of those booths, not in plain sight of anyone.