Having to idiot proof everything.

I work in foodservice at a university and I tell you some of the stupid people they hire. You have to make everything idiot proof because unless the foodservice at colleges is self op then companies will hire any jerk off the street looking for a job. Anyway so you have to label everything when to pull it what to use it just to make sure they do not pull the wrong thing and use it.


Not to mention the dumb bitch who almost poisoned a couple hundred people. Man did she get lucky on that one. Used some turkey stock that had gone bad to make gravy. You could smell how bad it was from 20 feet away. Stupid just stupid. Not to mention the drug dealers the contractor has hired int he past the low life's you have no clue. I strongly suggest anyone that sends there kids to college make sure the food service is self op not contracted because the contractor only cares about the bottom line. I am one of the last state employees left and the conditions have gone down hill severely but the company makes the state college money so they will never leave.