Coworker who goes out if her way to find everyone mistake you make (not matter if the boss cares, she still does it!!)

I want to punch this cunt in the face! She goes out of her way to find every little miniscule mistake...and it doesnt matter to the bosses...they tell me that they don't even look at them. But low and behold, when I come in to start my week, there is a whole shitload of crap this bitch thinks are errors.

I wanna smack her and her go oregon ducks ass into next week!  (yes we all are tired of her obsession with the Oregon Ducks- its never ending)


makes me wanna scream!!!!





LMAO used to know a guy that

LMAO used to know a guy that was like that with the Bengals. I never really thought anything of them but then he started and began hating them. How about this one. I have a coworker that will start projects at the most inopportune times just to try and fuck me up. Just because they changed my hours to an earlier hour. Getting to the point things are going to explode. Don't want to but it is boiling.

Oh My Gosh, do we have the

Oh My Gosh, do we have the same co-worker?  LOL ..I admit that I do make a mistake now and then, who doesn't, but she is the first one to point it out to me and it pisses me the hell off!! Look in the mirror honey before you criticize me. She has no room to talk. Shes about as tall as she is big around and I am not. She makes comments like, isn't your hair too long for your age? It's a few inches past my shoulders. WTF? Show me where it's written that someone has to cut their hair short because they are over 50. She's just jealous because I am not  fat nor frumpy and she is and she's only 2 years younger than me. I bite my tongue alot on her comments, which isn't like me, but I do have to work with her.

No matter what you do it is

No matter what you do it is not going to stop. Unless you do this. Start questioning what she is doing with her time start saying if you have time to check everyone else work then what are doing insinuating that she is not doing her job. You do it in front of someone that is higher then her. Ya it is going to piss her off but to bad.

It is the only way to get it to stop. I have used this tactic in the past and it worked perfect. Another line is you know I do not have to go around checking peoples work so do you need more work? Or is your work getting done.


Believe me it works. Or come up with something yourself questioning if she is doing her job or not.

lazy co-workers

I read this  and i can agree i just recently quit a job after working there for 6 years all because of 2 co-workers both of them were brown nosers and everyone knows what that means. both of these were the bosses pets, and could do no wrong!!!!. i was constantly having to come in to work and redo what she had done wrong or do what she didnt do. but it would always come down on my shoulders. i could work circles around this one and she knew it. i was damn good at my job, but she was a  miss muffit that sat on her tuffet eating her snacks all day!!!!  she would tell the manager lies about me and on evaluations i would get penalized for things i didnt do!!! the mental and physical stress was so bad that i had no choice but to quit!!!  so i hope that sometime in these people lifes that someone will do them the same way.

One in every office!!!

I used to call them "roids"  Pains in my ass!! 

Never can a day go by that they're not bitching about something whether it be the stinky microwave..someone's cologne...looking for problems in the dept that they can so call "find a fix for" to their just never ends!!  I'd love to send these people back to Second Grade..but hell, they're already there!!!

THEN there are the kind of supervisors/managers that thrive on that shit.  Employees spending time in their office letting them know what's going on in the rest of the office while "problem solving and needing to revisit an issue brought up in a meeting" while we have a "group huddle" over it.

Yada yada yada!!!

Who the hell cares..just let me get back to work!!