Where are the ranters and ravers?


Not a rant, just a question. Where did everyone go, that used to post on this site?


I'm a new "ranter"!

  I'm here and I will be dropping by quite frequently.  I have many peeves!  My top pick is CALL WAITING!  wtf?  I find it totally rude and intrusive.  What's happening to manners these days now we have to electronically interrupt a conversation between two people and let one of them decide which one is important enough to talk to?

I hate call waiting I hate

I hate call waiting I hate using it and I hate it when it is used on me.

Call Waiting...............Ugh!

Here is a scenario;  a couple is deep in conversation at a gathering, when a third person saunters over and boldly steps up in between the couple and starts up his/her own conversation.  Rude?  Well, DUH, so is "call waiting"!  It's the same f&%$ing thing!   Whoever thought up that piece of shit technology must be narcissistic, for sure!