Just about had it


Hey all, it's been a while.

Okay, what the hell is wrong with people these days.

This scares me that people from my generation are becoming rude, pushy.

As you know, I'm in tech support and I'm TOTALLY APPAULED when I'M trying to do MY thing and the person DOESN'T like what they hear, THEN people start talking over me which I absolute HATE.

Example, trying to talk to the customer, and when I stop talking so do they, THEN if I start talking again, THEN THEY start talking all over me and it is going NOWHERE. Worse as a rep who is unable to do their job and potentially be disciplined by management.

It seems that people have forgotten the basic elements of civilization.

When I was growing up as a child God forbid I should ever speak to people the way I'm spoken to by most.

I just hope I will see a swing back to some form of civility, before I die or change jobs and do MY OEN THING!!


It is the me generation.

It is the me generation. Aggravating I know. I hate when I am at a restaurant and people make fun of the waitress. Like they could ever do that job. Or the customer who yells at the waitress. The only reason they do it is because they know they can get away with it and the waitress cannot do anything.

Some people are just down right rude!

They call you and then put YOU on hold! What the hell is that? Talk about disrespectful. People that call into my work do that some times and I just bite my tongue and say sure, if I am not busy.  But I do hang up after a minute. I do have 3 total phone lines that could ring at any time.

Worse, they flush the toilet

Worse, they flush the toilet often as they come on th line to me

That's about as low as it get's and I've had personal attacks from customers too when they are not happy with THE COMPANY


I've had people do that to me

I've had people do that to me too. I mean, can't you wait a few more minutes and then call us? Geeeze! Like I said before, I've got 3 lines that ring and I get the ones that are on hold because, hellooooo, there is only one of me, and when I do get on the line to talk to them, they are so rude because they had to be put on hold. Well, excuse me for not being able to talk to 3 people at once....IDJITS!!  LOL

Wow, three phone lines?? I've

Wow, three phone lines??

I've been doing this for 11 years this month.

3 phone lines AND a computer is the ulimate multi-tasking.

I bet you can't put them on hold either.


Then I must be the ultimate

Then I must be the ultimate mulit-tasker..lol..I handle 3 phones, computer, printer and 2 fax machines.

Been doing that for 8 years, but I love it. I like it when it is busy, but the draw backs are the rude, ass people you have to deal with and you have to definitely bite your tongue at times. If only we could say what we are thinking..lol