Technology is ruining our privacy and common sense

Whats with people who expect privacy in a public place?  If you're on a cell phone in public please keep in mind that other people are around and can note everything you say.  I've heard a man give his social security number to someone (idiot) while in line at Target, another giving graphic details of her masectomy, and another lady telling her girlfriend about cheating on her husband. I wasn't even trying to listen either, they were just careless about their privacy.

People on Facebooks are morons!  I had seen people who put on their pages that they are leaving for a vacation for a week starting on Friday!  DUH! They should have just put a big sign on their front lawn giving everyone permission to rob your house.

Another cell thing that yanks my chain....people who have cell phones but NEVER answer them!

Last year my nephew had a paper to write for class with terrible spelling, grammer, and puncuation; he didn't care because it had to be typed which meant that Word would correct it all (it didn't). How sad that most teens are likely the same way, makes you wonder about our education system...




I just had to pull the

I just had to pull the computer from my youngest son and his cell phone is next. Facebook should not be allowed only for people 19 years of age and older.

Oh I totally agree. I have a

Oh I totally agree. I have a co-worker that can talk in a normal voice on the work phone but when she gets on her cell phone, she must think that the person on the other end is deaf! I don't care to hear about your business. We are just co-workers and not that close...