Why does it always come back to Illegal immigrant?That's BS!!! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7152259.html

Ok shit I understand this dude is an illegal immigrant but are you telling me that they are the only ones out there committing murder. Hell no. SHit it is a wide variety of nuts out there killing people u don't see nobody saying " Send that guy back 2 africa cuz he killed my kid" or "SEnd that lady back to china cuz she killed her own kids" Or don't let any more of them back across the ocean lets send the navy to guards our waters and make sure  none of them get  across. But everytime a hispanic immigrant out come all the activists talking thier bullshit.


Hell ya brother I agree with

Hell ya brother I agree with you. We should have no borders at all and let anyone in this country that wants to be here. Fuck ya man let everyone in does not matter who they are because everyone commits murder. Those fucking teabaggers are more of a threat then the illegals. Fuck those teabaggers and let those illegals in. NO borders god dammit. Fucking racist mother fucking Teabaggers. Who fucking cares who comes in drug dealers thieves murderers fuck it let them all in.




Good Job Neers!

Yeah we should hold a national open house any criminal a-hole that wants to come here will get a parade in his honor! 

Seriously though the Mexican border is a HUGE problem with escalating violence from their side of the border. The drug dealers continue to get bolder and bolder with their actions while Obama and Congress sit and watch with thumbs securely up their own asses.  If you come here and committ a crime then you should be tossed out and banned from coming back in, living here is NOT a god given right.

I live along the Canadian border and we have few problems with our neighbors from the north, too mad we can't say the same for Mexico! 



Rkinne join here man you will

Rkinne join here man you will have  lot of fun.