america's got moron's for judges of talent

ok WTF is going on with these judges???!!! if anyone watches this show i CANNOT BELIEVE they took that old tired ugly ass yodeling abomination who went WAY over her 90 seconds to a whopping 11 minutes (and she sucks) to hollywood and not the opera singing prodigy!!! ARE THEY SERIOUS??!! too much crack sharon? to much sun seeping in that bald head howie? and piers, i won't even go there, the one person who is critical about talent sends this freak show through??!! over someone who ACTUALLY HAS TALENT! do these idiots REALLY see this yodeling hot mess in vegas with her own show? i mean SERIOUSLY??!! SOMEBODY PINCH ME because i HAVE TO be dreaming!!!! this canNOT be real! WAKE UP JUDGES!!!!! ugh come on......


America's one of the problem

America's one of the problem nowadays is the racism. It is amusing how when somebody makes a racist comment, it instantly is used to portray a political party and just how it instantly gets connected with racism. Recently a video surfaced showing Shirley Sherrod referring the work of white farmer over to a white attorney because she didn't want to help a white person save their farm. I found this here: Shirley Sherrod resigns from USDA, right wing gets even on racism. She resigned her position with the USDA because of this video perhaps though it is 25 years old. I wonder how much personal financing someone had to borrow to dig up that video.