Pennsylvania Road Signs.


So I took the family to Kennywood up in Pittsburgh PA. Had a great time. But man they have some hosed signs. I mean they hardly have any route signs or speed limit signs. When you come to a reduced speed zone most normal states have Reduced Speed ahead and have the Speed limit then right after that a Speed Limit sign. NOT IN PA. No they have End 45 MPH then you have to figure out what speed you have to go. So many times I was going 35 and the speed limit was 30 or 25. That is just messed up. Not to mention in most states on the same roads the speed limit would be 55 but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not there 45 MPH what kind of garbage is that. Just as soon as we crossed from PA to Maryland the speed limit raises to 55. Got I hate Pennsylvania. Loved Kennywood going back in August. This time taking the Penn Turnpike to get there faster. I think that is why the speed is 45 get people on the turnpike to pay for it. One great thing about Kennywood is you can bring your own food and drink in. They have picnic areas which is nice because in Busch Gardens you cannot do that.