Lacking 'Social Graces'


What ever happened to teaching [and learning] manners. For example, seeing people eating as if they're at a 'pig trough. Elbows or forearms on the table, [almost like their appendages are firmly attached to the table] They seem incapable of holding their utensils properly,(a fork or spoon, is not a shovel) and can't lift the food to their mouths. Especially people who also are eating, while simultaniously and continuously supporting their head, with with a portion of their hands.  This reflects poorly upon 'parental input'.  If I comported myself in such a manner during my younger years, my parents would [1] use a fork, and lightly stab my elbow, [2] whack me up along side my head, [3] excuse me from the table, no matter the progress of my dining. [4] Chastizing by not allowing end of meal dessert,when available, always got my attention.


'only 'lightly' stabbing your elbow'?

My mom would have taken that fork and jammed it into my hand, not quite hard enough to leave a SCAR, but it WOULD have bled a little! Dad, on the other hand, would have used his lightning fast open hand to slap me away from the table while pointing to my room, where I would wait for my appointment with the BELT. Of course, this was at home, by the time we were allowed in oublic, we were already well trained.

My dad would beat the living

My dad would beat the living shit out of me. Not really but he would have pointed it out.

i just can't stand people who

i just can't stand people who eat with their mouths open. GROWN people at that! my kids are learning the hard way to keep their MOUTHS CLOSED, if i hear or see whats in their mouths they're done, i don't care if they're on their first bite, that open mouthed eating ain't gonna fly with me!